Tuesday, February 24, 2015

15 Favorite Bloggers

Kellie from Give A Girl A Blog shared her top 15 favorite bloggers, so I decided to add a few of my favorites to the list

A few of the blogs Kellie listed did make my top list as well.  So instead to just re-listing, I'll expand and add a few more blogs that I like.  So here is MY list of 10 blogs that I find "inspire, captivate with their sharing of life, crafts and everything in between".

The Nerd Nest by Megan

Rukristin Papercrafts by Kristin

Wonder Forest by Dana

Hello, I'm A Paper Addict by Cathy

Give A Girl A Blog by Kellie

Jennifer McGuire Ink by Jennifer

Maiedae by Jenny & Savannah

Kelsey, Especially by Kelsey

Nicole Reaves by Nicole

Finding Nana by Leena

Do you have any favorite bloggers? Add a comment below with a few of your favorites don't forget to head over to Give A Girl A Blog to link you list.