Thursday, January 31, 2013

Museum and dance

Good Morning friends!

It is a chilly morning for Texas but so beautiful.

Just want to share a quick post of two pages in my SMASH book.

Both are of my son; the first is a school field trip to Texas State Bob Bullock History Museum and the second is one of him at his first public appearance for dance. 

At the time of his field trip to the History Museum, I was embarrassed to say that it was my first visit.  I have lived within driving distance of the Museum since it was built years ago, just never took the time to visit.  After the day was over, I was ashamed that we had waited so long.  

It was AMAZING! The culture and history of our Great State - Texas all in one place!  Pictures are not allowed (bummer) but it is worth the time and visit.  We have another trip planned for spring break in March, this time the whole family is going.

Also, at the Museum, we watched an informational 3-D movie about the Global Warming called 'To The Arctic', following a mother polar bear and her two cubs.  It was an awesome and very informative movie.

The second page, He is Santa Claus in his first public hip hop dance event in early December.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Until next time - happy scrappin'! ~ Carol


Terry said...

Lovely page layouts! Sounds like such a great time. Your son is so cute! It is cold here as well, but not as cold as last week! Enjoy the day!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving your pages!! They are fabulous! That movie looks great!!!