Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Kidding Around

This summer my daughter wanted to do something...

That's what she said, "I want to do something this summer."

So the conversations went like this...
Me: What do you want to do?
DD: I don't know, something fun with art.
Me: (excitement building inside) Well, we can look around locally and see if there are any art camps, classes, etc... open this summer.
DD: OK, but I found something online that I want to do. Will that be OK?
Me: Ummm...depends on what it is about and what the cost is.
(she leaves room and comes back with computer)
DD: I want to do this...Kidding Around 3.

I little back ground on my dear daughter. She is nine and has had no interest in anything. While most kids enjoy doing something like playing outside, sports, music, art, etc... She seems to just not care. My husband and I were really getting concerned and even talked to a friend (she is an adolescent counselor) who said not to worry about DD. So we tried not to worry, much.

So these last few months, she finally started to show an interest in art. So I am trying my hardest not to push, seem to excited or drown her with my excitement that she is showing more than a passing interest in art.

So after a little research about the online class at Big Picture Classes, I said yes.

Kidding Around 3 taught by Tami Morrison is a summer memory-keeping experience for kids. The album used in the class and "the content of the class is designed to be compatible with the sky blue version of the Smash Journal, and the assignments coincide with specific pages."

With her permission, below is her first page.

Thank you for visiting today!

Until next time - happy scrappin'! ~ Carol


Terry said...

What a great page and how wonderful that your DD is wanting to be an artist like her mom! Love it! Have a great 4th!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That's awesome she is taking that class!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee her page!! LOVING all the hearts!!!