Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Did I just get scammed & another crazy week...

It's been another crazy week!

Someone turned on the heater in Texas - so so hot in June!
(picture, my car - yesterday)

First week of summer break - the kids are all ready bored (LOL).

I have started 5 different projects - can't seem to get them finished. Here is a peek at one of the projects...

Also, I have been trying to get in touch with someone about the Tim Holtz Distress Markers I bought back in March. 

I have never been so upset, sad, and disappointed at the same time.  I pre-ordered the entire set of Tim Holtz Distress Markers from (what I thought) was a reputable individually owned company back in March. A few weeks after, I was told they were back-ordered, understandably - the markers are in high demand.  Next came a round of excuses that Ranger keeps pushing the order back due to demand.  I tried contacting Ranger but never received a response. Finally I asked for a refund from the seller but received no response from said person. For two weeks, I tried contacting seller. Over the weekend and early this week I find that all points of contact for said person has been deleted or shut down; Facebook, blog, website,emails, Paypal account...everything.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me and I am at a loss for words.  I have heard stories but it's never happen to me and I am upset that a fellow crafter would do something like this.  I know this person sold the markers to others and also other products like class kits and so on.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do I just let it go?

Thanks - until next time - happy scrappin'! ~ Carol


Terry said...

No you do not just let it go. Call PayPal or whoever you used to pay and demand a refund. This is so wrong on every level and I am sorry that you are having to deal with this! It should not matter that it has been 90 days as the seller gave you one excuse after another.

The heat left us for a day or two! We went from 90 to 70 and dropping down into the 50's! Hope it cools down a little for you! Sending hugs!

Graphicat said...

OMG! Carol!! that is awful! I agree, if you paid them thru PayPal, report them and see what they can do for you. That is absolutely theft!
Don't just let it go... you have every right to fight this.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I work for the Merchant side of the credit card and PayPal industry... call PayPal and place a dispute. Explain it as a Non-received of goods. They will probably ask you for support of your claim. You can send them any emails/correspondence that you had with the seller.

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh no Carol, so sorry to hear what happened, contact pay pal also might want to get in touch with ATT ..All Things Tim, some of the members might be able to help. good luck hon!hugs Lynn

Caroline D. said...

This exact same situation from the same seller known as Angela Holt (which I think is the same person you purchased from) happened to me. I got the same excuses week after week. And in late May when I asked if I could cancel, she said yes and would issue refund. But the refund was never issued. Again, more excuses. Then on June 15th when I yet again asked for refund and stated that my business transaction with her should not suffer because of any personal/facebook/blog issues she was having, she responded with she "was not a child" and immediately blocked me. (That was childish, don't you think?) She removed her blog and subsequently 2 new blogs she tried to establish have also been taken down. I have 2 yahoo email addresses for her, but have never received any response. I think we were indeed scammed and our money paid for her Florida beach trip! I, too, thought she was reputable because of her supposed craft companies sponsorships for her classes. Turns out from what I can determine, those were faked too. In researching how to contact her, I found similar stories over and over going back to 2011.

I saw your comment on one of her pinterest boards and followed to your boards and then to your blog here.

I've read the comments here. I did file a complaint with PayPal, but since I had paid prior to 45 days they did not open a case. I've never had to file a complaint before so did not realize the time limit. It's a hard, expensive lesson learned. I have also written CHA letting them know the situation because she claims to be a CHA Board Member but she is not listed on their website as a Board Member.

I do not know who her distributor supposedly was, so I have no recourse there.

I have invoiced her through PayPal to the 2 emails addresses I have but no refund or response. I send her direct emails as well, again no response. I left a comment today on her pinterest board under your comment. If you find a way to contact her or get your refund, I'd appreciate if you let me know. Thanks.