Monday, January 19, 2009


If you live in Texas long enough, you know the weather changes from heater weather to a/c weather in one day. Normally I would not mind, I've lived here all my life and should be use to it. But this year with the varied weather, it seems sickness is following it.

I am TIRED of feeling sick. I am tired of my kids feeling and getting sick! My poor daughter...if you could just see her face every time she takes her meds (4 times a day plus the nebulizer every 4 hours). Once the meds run out we seem to be doing better if not great. Then what you know the weather changes and poof...sick again.

Of course this constitutes another trip to the Doctor...whom I love but hate to see;)

My daughter (6 yrs) told me last week...Mom I'm sick of being sick. I think I'm better and don't need to go to the doctor. I won't cough or sneeze any more...all the while hacking up a lung and sneezing her head off.

My poor pitiful baby girl.

Off to the doctor again...for my son...CRAZY!

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